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Now comes the web based Em-HR application that makes it easy for Business Owner and HRD to manage and analyze employee performance

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Em-HR System HR That Provides Many Solutions

Calculate payroll payroll affairs so easy and fast


Calculating employee payroll requires high accuracy, with the use of an accurate payroll system to avoid errors in recapitulation and salary calculations.


Online attendance / mobile attendance monitor employee attendance during WFO, WFH and work visits

Mobile Attendance

The presence of employees is one of the important factors to measure company productivity, monitor it directly with an integrated system via web and mobile that can be arranged as flexibly as possible...


Manage employee data with Core HR

* Core HR

Management of complex employee data requires a system that is practical, fast and precise. Just a few clicks, accurate data can be processed as needed (EN)


Integrated HR or HRIS system

* Core HR

Replacing manual processes with accurate and integrated HR systems, helping companies avoid errors and misuse of data in employee management Replacing manual processes with accurate and integrated HR ...



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